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Exclusive Demeures is determined to deliver your quote within 48 hours. The quote is reliable, free, transparent, and undertaken by a professional specialized in the industry of your particular real estate sector.

Appraisal Method

Exclusive Demeures has developed a highly transparent method to appraise your property.

This method is based on a comparison of sold properties that correspond to the same criteria in the same immediate proximity (based on a public notary’s database). It is also rooted in a precise analysis of the fundamental elements of your property: neighborhood quality, building type, exposure, charm, brightness, view, noise level, ceiling height, layout, common area condition, common area charm, floor level, elevator, bills, overall condition of the apartment or building, annexes (cellar, parking, garden, workroom), and the environment around the property.


This highly reliable method allows for an impartial comparison of your property with those in the same real estate market. It assures the sale of your property at a fair price and avoids the risk of underestimating. This method is unique and promotes the most effective sale by avoiding an over- or under-estimation, which could result in less visits and a lengthier selling time for your property.


Exclusive Demeures remains with you from your first visit to the finalization of the sale at the public notary office.

To trust us is to benefit from :

-    Over 25 years of experience,
-    The sale of your property through coordinated service and customized
-    A large advertising budget (appearance in reviewed publications, online
      real estate portals, etc.),
-    A proven field method for the sale of your property,
-    Circulation of your property through our international network,
-    A reliable, free, and transparent estimate undertaken by a
      professional professional specialized in the industry of your
      particular real estate, par le responsable de votre secteur,
-    A constantly evolving method based on frequent sales.

Our Savoir-Faire

The sales mandate of Exclusive Demeures provides you with the following services :

Your Exclusive Demeures advisor :

-    Answers the legal and financial questions surrounding your sale,
-    Works with a qualified professional to establish the mandatory
(Carrez law, etc.) for your account,
     Develops the sales file (photos, floorplans) enhancing the best aspects
      of your property,
-    Puts in place an advertising strategy completely adapted to your
-    Carries out visits during agreed upon hours,
-    Informs you of visitors comments, your property’s performance online,
      and the sales process,
-    Selects the right buyers,
-    Negotiates the sale at the right moment, at the best price, and in the
      clearest way beginning with the signing of the bid,
-    Facilitates all the steps leading to the signing of the deed,
-    Assists in organizing your finances at your request,
-    Assists the notary to prepare the deed, follows the record, helps with
      loans and other formalities,
-    Coordinates schedules with the public notaries for the appointment for
      the signing of the final act,
-    Provides after-sales service, advising you on the choice of mover,
      interior designer, and renovation firm

A listing with Exclusive Demeures is an opportunity to complete your sale with ease !

In France, within the framework of the sale of one’s apartment, an agent must act under the terms of a valid mandate according to the Hoguet law which regulates the real estate profession.



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